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The Hidden Diamond
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Full Name: Courtly Adelaine Von Claire
Nicknames: Courtney, Court, Claire, Lily
Birthday: July Fourth
Age: 17
Nationality: Australian
Home: Sydney, Australia
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Location: The Elemental Academy
Gender: Female
Dorm: Two
Year: Fourth
Titles: Princess of the Air Kingdom, The Hidden Diamond, Queen of Talking Back
Clubs/Teams/Etc: None
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As the princess of the Air Kingdom, Courtly is expected to one day rule it. She doesn't like to think about that too much, so she is generally more of a laid back person. She doesn't necessarily ignore her problems, she just shoves them off to the side until she's prepared to face them. It's hard to get a rise out of her because most of her responses are usually sarcastic and blatant. There is no in between. She's a very straight forward person and doesn't like beating around the bush, it's just not her style.



Courtly Ariadne Jopan was the second royal child produced by the queen and king of the Air Kingdom, as a result of... some interesting occurrences during their fourth anniversary. Nine months later on July Fourth, Courtly was born. Courtly was named Courtly because her parents wanted her to be original, despite her generic appearance of blonde hair and brown eyes.

Despite being born in Australia, almost immediately, she was taken back to Elementrium several days later, but for some reason, still developed the Australian accent that is known to many today. The reason for this remains unknown. As Courtly grew, she began observing and realizing that being the ruler of a kingdom was a lot more cut out than what she wanted. Her brother was a Tri-Elemental, which immediately meant he was out for the throne, therefore she would inherit the crown.

She didn't want that. She did not want the responsibilities of a queen, she did not want to govern a kingdom, she just wanted to be her without any attachments. After awhile, Courtly began resenting her status and wished to be treated like a normal child. She never really got her wish, but servants were more lenient about her parent's orders towards her. Ever since she turned thirteen, she's been attending the Academy, and still goes there now. As of right now, Courtly is seventeen.


Appearance Information
Model Sabrina Carpenter
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'9
Weight 124 Lbs
Voice Soft/Alto/High
Body Style Curvy and Slim
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasian  

Mother Ellen Von Claire
Father Castille Von Claire
Brother(s) Kyle
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) Possibly
Aunt(s) Possibly
Uncle(s) Possibly
Niece(s) No
Nephew(s) No  


Family Relations





General Friends: Most of her friends have either graduated, died, or don't live in Elementrium.

Love Relationships

Xander Levi: Xander Levi is Courtly most recent ex-boyfriend. He is said to have died in a plane accident while flying to Japan for an exchange trip as he was taking extra schooling on Earth. The confirmation of his death has yet not come, but Courtly believes he is dead, and also believes she is bad luck for whoever she dates, therefore ceasing dating entirely, at least for now.

Nate Edan: Courtly is aware that she's attracted to Nate, at least romantically, but she's confused on whether or not to act on it. She doesn't enjoy the occasional awkwardness in their conversations, which only brings her more worry and doubt.


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Courtly Jopan 14
❝Sorry for being late. I just got caught up in enjoying my last few minutes of not being here.❞


Character's Bio
Age 15
Height 5'9
Weight 125 lbs
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Straight
Birthplace Sydeny
Main Weapon Her Powers
Accent Australian Accent
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The Hidden Diamond
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