Elemental Creatures
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Welcome to Elemental Creatures class! It is one of the main subjects that must be taken at the Elemental Academy along with elemental instruction classes. When roleplaying, start a new thread in the comments, but please bold and underline the topic of the roleplay. For example:

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My Name Is...
My name is Professor Minerva Braiton, and I will be your Elemental Creatures teacher.

Professor M.B.

Any questions?

Year Agenda Time
1st We will be beginning with the basics today 11:30 am
2nd Starting class with a review quiz, then we'll start talking about Islanders 12:10 pm
3rd 12:50 pm
4th 1:30 pm
5th 2:10 pm
6th 2:50 pm
7th 3:30 pm 

What is a Serpent?

A serpent is a scaly, snake-like massive creature that usually lerks in the sea, swamps, or marshes.

Types of Serpents

There are several types of serpents. The ones currently known and studied are listed below. Be aware, that their are still species of serpents that are unknown.

Winter Serpents

Sea Serpents

Spider Serpents

Corinthian Serpents

What is a Spirit?

Spirits are magical souls of dead elementals, or the essence of a magical inanimate object. Some household objects hold cursed spirits in them, while some other spirits seek revenge for wrongingdoings. Others attract attention with their beauty, and others play tricks on others with their appearance.

Types of Spirits

There are several types of spirits. These are the list of spirits that are known to elemental kind. There is a slim possibility there are other unknown spirits out there.


Chromathymina spirits are spirits who can change their appearance unconsciously based on their emotions. Chromathymina spirits can temporarily become solid enough to conceive a child, hence the increasing number of Half-Chromathymina, Half-Elemental children.


Daragi spirits are spirits who have usually been partially resurrected to seek revenge on their murderer if they died at an incorrect time from what Fate set. Daragi spirits typically can be found in dark places such as caves or caverns, and if they don't take their murderer's life, they must reek havoc on the people in the area before they can choose to go to the Afterlife, or continue their old life.


Venus spirits are spirits who naturally attract attention through their charming beauty. Venus spirits tend to be flirts, and similar to Chromathymina spirits, they can solidify long enough conceive a child, hence the half-Venus, half-elemental children.


Angel spirits are dead elementals who have resurrected to spread happiness, or to protect a specific vulnerable property. There are plenty of Angel spirits around campus, but Angel spirits unlike the rest prefer to hid themselves among the crowd. They don't like drawing attention to themselves, which is kind of difficult due to the giant wings they have on their backs.