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English class
English class

English class

On the chalkboard there is large, rounded words that are scrawled onto it:

Welcome students! Find a seat and listen. There will be a quiz on the book next week.

The room is filled with desks, nearly thirty in total and just in front of the board is a desk where the teacher sits.

Mr. Halloway


English Students

7th year class:

  • Anneline EdanGo to Anneline Edan
  • Georgios BirchGo to Georgios Birch
  • Selene NightluckGo to Selene Nightluck


Daily Agenda and Lesson Schedule
Sit down.

  • Take Attendance
  • Read and discuss a chapter
  • Discuss the themes
  • Debate
  • practise questions
Lessons and Schedule
  • 1st Years: Studying Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (8:30 am)
  • 2nd Years: Studying Romeo and Juliet(9:10 am)
  • 3rd Years: Studying Tale of Two cities (9:50 am)
  • 4th Years: Studying To Kill a Mockingbird(10:30 am)
  • 5th Years: Studying Animal Farm (11:10 am)
  • 6th Years: Studying the Great Gatsby (11:50 am)
  • 7th Years: Studying 1984

The texts will change throughout the year.