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Basic Information
Full Name Erraline Freya Dange
Nickname Erra, Eriko Hayakawa (早川恵理子) (Japanese name)
Birthday February 14th
Age 18
Nationality Australian
Home Australia/The Lunar Kingdom
Status Dating Alek Dayton
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Academy, but likes to travel to Earth
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm 10
Year 5th
Titles Duchess of the Lunar Kingdom, Lunar Duchess
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Lunar

Erraline Dange 1
"I like to think of myself as independent and mysterious."

Erraline is currently working for a spy network, as well as being a duchess. She is dating Alek.

Similar to her older brother, Erraline is a very mysterious, modestly stylish and secretive person. Both her native culture and Japanese culture has influenced her.

She is also very intelligent, with a high IQ, and observant. Although she's slightly more social then her brother and tries to gain friends, if there is someone she doesn't like, they will know. She dislikes idiotic people.

She is open to most, despite her history, but won't immediately tell everything about her to the open - an example being that she's a fan of Japanese culture, having lived there for a couple of years in her childhood, or that she's a duchess. If she has to, she will resort to lying. But this is only the case if she has a secret that she needs to protect or if she or Derren is in danger.

Her flaw is that she is very stubborn and in the worst of scenarios, she refuses to let anyone help her. No one has an idea where this stubbornness has come from, but a theory that tries to explain this is that it comes from the aftermath of the death of her parents. Another flaw is that she doesn't consider herself to be a proper duchess, because Bianca and Connor died before they could ever teach their children the etiquette of royalty - Derren and Erraline as a result had a lot of personal freedom and if they wanted to learn the etiquette, they'd have to do it themselves (since they didn't like the idea of servants). Erraline and Derren are examples of dukes and duchesses becoming more modernised.

She could be considered an anti-hero of some sort, because although her traditional role is that of a bystander, in times of desperation, she gathers the courage to place herself in danger (even if it isn't morally right). However, she only does it if she has a reason to do it.

The disclaimer applies to this character's history because there are mentions of attempted murder via assassination, death and murder.

Erraline was born on February 14th, also known as the Earthen Dimension holiday of Valentine's Day. Because of her status as a Royal Lunar Elemental, many disliked her (even though she wasn't even born into the royal bloodline). A big amount of those who disliked her were those who were passionate about the rivalries between the different Elemental Kingdoms.

Erraline and Derren's parents, Bianca and Connor Dange, were two fairly rich and loyal Australian Lunar Royals - both of New Zealander, French, English, Scottish and Irish descent. Erraline was a descendant of English colonialists of Australia and New Zealand due to her father.

They were also saved by Christina Berne's father from being assassinated, but the siblings don't know this.

Two years after the birth of Erraline, Bianca and Connor were killed in a massacre -- the culprits unknown. Conspiracy theorists presume that it was the work of a group of Solar Elementals who believed Bianca and Connor to be part of a cult. The infant children survived the massacre. Upon their deaths, Erraline and Derren inherited their fortune, which was placed into a bank vault.

They were placed into the care of a guardian, who took the children to live with her in Japan. This sparked Erraline's interest in Japanese culture, and shaped her personality. Sadly, the guardian died of an illness a couple of years later, just as the two were settling into life in Japan. The devastated children, who also did what they could to help the guardian because of her illness, were taken back to Australia by some Lunar knights.

Not much else is known about Erraline's life by this point besides that she was enrolled into the Elemental Academy alongside her brother. The siblings, who were commonly mistaken for twins, initially had a hard time interacting with other people, especially because of the things they had been told about the other kingdoms and the death of their parents (when they got slightly older). Many believed them to be mute at first, but eventually, they were able to break out of this. Erraline was quicker in learning to become more social than Derren.

When Erraline refused to join the Trinity trio led by Victoria Edan, she was attacked. However, she survived the attack.

Due to new changes made in the laws of the kingdoms, Erraline was one of the royals to have a higher position as she went from a Lady to a Duchess of the Lunar Kingdom.

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Erraline Dange ~ The Lunar Duchess
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More Info:

-The Joint Survivor

 Age: 18  Height: 5'9  Weight: 123 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: In a relationship with Alek Dayton
 Birth Place: Sydney, Australia  Main Weapon: Powers, her sword
 Accent: Australian (actual), none (fake)
 – "Before I die, I hope to have an adventurous life."

Erraline 5
Erraline Dange

  • Umbrakinesis - ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, the absence of light.
  • Umbrageous Teleportation - teleport via the shadows and darkness.
  • Shadow Camouflage - be unseen in shadows/become a shadow.
  • Night Vision - see in the dark.
  • Dynamokinesis - control, create, and manipulate dark energy. This can be in the form of balls, blasts, or beams.
  • Biokinesis - use lunar energy to heal minor wounds.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
Agility Skills {{{agility}}}
Speed Fast
Strength Level Weak
Main Strengths Fast runner, swimmer, stealthy, agile
Main Weaknesses Physically weak, bad aim, insomnia, driving

Basic Power Info
Element Lunar
Number of Abilities 6
Level of Control N/A

Erraline Dange 2
Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

Lunar necklace (similar to her brother's), picture of her parents, fur coat, a picture of Japanese landscape, a couple of real diamond and black sapphire jewellery, diamond star headpiece

General Likes

Interesting people, travelling, nighttime, both classical and modern books, Japanese culture, horror movies, Halloween

General Dislikes

Rude people, arrogant people, idiots, cockroaches

Favorite Things
Color Purple
Music Non-cheesy pop
Food Ice cream
Animal N/A
Book Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba
Quote N/A
Song Centuries by Fall Out Boy
Movie Probably "The Exorcist"
Elemental Sport N/A
Earthen Sport Rugby (she is Australian after all)


Brief Description

Brown hair, brown eyes, curvy figure, 5'9", wears either dark or modest modern clothing

Main Appearance Information
Model Maia Mitchell
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9
Weight 123lbs
Voice Soothing
Body Style Curvy
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Once believed to have mutism
Physical Disorders A scar from her gunshot wound

Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Bianca Dange (deceased), Taeko Seto (guardian, deceased)
Father Connor Dange (deceased)
Brother(s) Derren Dange
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Home Sydney, Australia/The Lunar Kingdom
Best Memory N/A
First Love Alek
First Kiss Alek

General Info

Character Arc Information
Character Flaw N/A
Fear/Phobias Losing Derren
Personal Motto N/A
First Reaction to Crisis N/A
Faces Their Problems N/A
React to Change N/A

Extra Character Information
Native Language English, some Russian, Japanese
Hobbies Travelling

Erraline Dange 3
Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? No
Perceived by Strangers Quiet, is probably judging everyone
Perceived By Lover N/A
Perceived By Friends Cool, very calm
Perceived By Family Independent
First Impression Mysterious
Family/Friends Like Most How composed she is
Family/Friends Like Least The fact that she can be too independent/stubbornness

Family Relationships

Derren - Erraline loves and cares about her brother, as the two are very close. However, Derren can't stop worrying about her. However, Erraline tries to reassure him that she's okay. People used to mistake them for twins, due to their bond.

Friend Relationships

Anaïs Dupont - Anaïs is Erraline's only female friend. They've encountered each other several times, and they both show mutual respect towards one another.

Julian Argent - As a Lunar royal, Erraline has respected and admired Julian for a long time. She used to have a crush on him, but it was only a slight one. After talking to him, they have agreed to be just friends.

Love Relationships

Alek - Erraline is in love with Alek. Because her parents are dead and her brother has a similar viewpoint to her, she doesn't see anything wrong with this. But because Solaria takes its rivalry with the Lunar Kingdom seriously, they have to be secretive. They are now dating.


Diana Hollande - They are fellow Lunar Duchesses. Erraline has spoken to Diana and considers her to be nice.

Sasha Petrova - Erraline isn't particularly fond of Sasha.

Miquel Carax - She disliked him at first, but is slowly coming to not mind him.

Eleanor Francis - She finds it to be difficult around Elle, probably because they're of opposing backgrounds. She tries to handle it though, and is slowly coming to terms with what happened to her during a quest.

Victoria Edan - Erraline knows Victoria too well. She was once approached by Victoria when she was younger, who asked her if she wanted to be a member of the Trinity. Erraline refused, causing the two to not really like each other.

Devlin Phillips - Erraline was flirted with by Devlin, but she rejected it - because of her relationship/situation with Alek. Now, they're both "curious" acquaintances, with Erraline trying to tell Devlin what he needed to know about the Academy.

Pandora Thornes - She considers Pandora to be a friendly acquaintance, with them having the status of Lunar Duchess in common. However, Erraline is careful not to reveal too much to Pandora.

Ezra Desdemona - She encountered him once, when she was hanging out with Alek.

Erraline Dange 4


  • The Modern Janissaries (quest member)


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