This character is a member of the Edan family, the current ruling family of the Fire Kingdom.

Warning: This character has a backstory containing content that people may be triggered by. If you are one of those people, do not read the backstory.

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Grace Bridgewater-Edan
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Basic Information
Full Name Grace Anne Isabella Edan (birth name), Grace Anne Isabella Bridgewater-Edan (name now)
Nickname Gracie (by Caelum)
Birthday November 16th (according to the ME (see History), November 15th)
Age 16
Nationality Monégasque (ME - French)
Home Monte Carlo, Monaco (formerly), The Fire Kingdom (under disguise), The Elemental Academy
Status In a relationship with Caelum
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm 1
Year 4th
Titles Lady of the Fire Kingdom (formerly), Duchess of the Fire Kingdom, Duchess of Fire
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None
Element Fire

Nell tiger free

After the death of her father, she is the last remaining member of the Edan branch of Monaco and is the Head of said branch.

Grace, in terms of strength, is the most vulnerable of the Edans. In the worst of situations, she decides to run away.

However, she is starting to develop a new side to her -- a more assertive position. So what she may lack in strength, she makes up for in assertiveness that is likely to grow as she grows up. But she knows when to not be too assertive.

She has had a turbulent life, with her receiving strokes of good luck and bad luck. Despite this, Grace is an elegant girl who doesn't let her power get to her head.

See the History section below

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Grace Bridgewater-Edan ~ The Broken Soul
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More Info:

-The "Missing" One, Duchess of Fire

 Age: 16  Height: 5'6  Weight: 98lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: In a relationship with Caelum
 Birth Place: Monte Carlo, Monaco  Main Weapon: Her powers
 Accent: American/French
 – "Well, I'm not missing."

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Grace Bridgewater-Edan

  • Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.
  • Biokinesis - harness energy from fire to heal minor wounds.
  • Plasmakinesis - can control plasma.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
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Main Strengths Agility
Main Weaknesses {{{mweaknesses}}}

Basic Power Info
Element Fire
Number of Abilities 6
Level of Control Advanced

Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

Golden armlet, phone, citrine topaz ring (given to her by her mother because citrine topaz is her birthstone, only she knows about it), cloak

General Likes

Being away from her father, Reign (TV series), Once Upon A Time (TV series), some video games, Tumblr, YouTube

General Dislikes

Her father, Father's Day, her birthday, surprises (most of the time), alcohol, prostitutes

Favorite Things
Color Lime green
Music Rock (like Branton), some classical music (since she's recited a lot of it for when she used to practice with the violin), some pop
Food Oreos
Animal Eagle or a phoenix
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Quote "There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see."
Song Car Radio by twenty one pilots
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Brief Description

The blonde hair of the Edans, blue eyes, 5'6", petite, some scars on her arms from her ordeal (which she tries to cover up)

Main Appearance Information
Model Nell Tiger Free
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6"
Weight 98lbs
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Body Style Petite
Mental/Emotional State Okay, but not great
Mental/Emotional Disorders {{{m/e disorders}}}
Physical Disorders Scar on her shoulder from a horse-riding incident when she was younger

Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Georgina Bridgewater (deceased)
Father Seth Edan (deceased)
Brother(s) Seojun Kim-Edan (half brother)
Sister(s) Helena Vliet (half sister)
Cousin(s) Branton Edan, Anneline Edan, Victoria Edan, Eleanor Highland, Nathaniel Edan, Lucinda Edan, Rosamund Møller (distant relative)
Aunt(s) Mary Highland, Adelaide Bridgewater, Adena Larsen-Edan (Queen of the Fire Kingdom), Claudia Edan
Uncle(s) Pieter Edan, Olivier Edan (King of the Fire Kingdom)
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Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Monte Carlo, Monaco (ME - Lyon, France)
Home The Elemental Academy
Best Memory {{{memory}}}
First Love Caelum
First Kiss Caelum

General Info

Character Arc Information
Character Flaw Her vulnerability
Fear/Phobias Her father
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Extra Character Information
Native Language English, Monégasque, French, Dutch
Hobbies Listening to music, drawing (her hidden talent), playing the violin (second hidden talent), playing video games, horse-riding (third hidden talent)

Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? No
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Family Relationships

Parents - Mother is deceased, she is currently estranged from her father after having ran away.

Branton and Anneline - She feels like they're a lot more separated from her. However, this hasn't stopped them being influences on Grace.

Victoria - Grace knows who Victoria is, but she hasn't spoken to her properly. Now, due to her plans, Grace intends to stop her.

Seojun - Grace acknowledges that Seojun is her half-brother, but she is wary of him. However, she has started to warm up to him recently.

Helena - Grace now knows that Helena is her half-sister.

Friend Relationships

Catalina Salazar - In the Fire Kingdom, Catalina is Grace's former servant. However, they became best friends and when the two left to go into hiding, Grace dismissed Catalina as a servant, believing that Catalina had more potential than just being a servant. But despite this, Catalina is willing to do things for Grace.

Love Relationships

Caelum - She met him when she was younger and are reunited, with him promising to protect her. They are now dating.


Nathaniel Edan - Dislikes him.

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  • She is the sixth character created by The Targaryen of District 4.
  • She is the fourth female character created by TTOD4.
  • She is the first character created by TTOD4 that has a double-barrelled name.
  • Her starsign is Scorpio.

  • Although she has received presents before, she doesn't receive them as much as she used to. 
  • She can play the violin.
  • She hates her birthday because it's also the anniversary of her mother's death. Only Anneline and Branton know that her birthday is on November 16th.

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