Welcome! The following page includes information on Quests, like registration, creation, role-playing. Quests are a vital part of any roleplay Wikia, and usually brings the community together, and adds to the Wikia's current history. That being said, Quests should not be taken lightly, as the awards are more satisfying than one might think.

Creating A Quest

Any user may create a Quest, but to do so, they first must consult an Admin. The Admins: AudreyBillie, or Tyler  will review your quest, and decide if it's appropriate and well thought out, either approving or denying the request. The admins will also guide the user through the process, creating instructions that may be general or specific to the quest. Once the quest is arranged, the user may decide to invite characters or host an open house, where the quest will be advertised for a week, allowing sign-ups. There must be a limit to how many characters can join. Quests can take a long time, so make sure the quest will not die. Most quests are limited to one-three pages, but there may be exceptions if the Quest is particularly long. If so, please create a category and label each new page a 'chapter' in the Quest.

Roleplaying A Quest

The User who created the quest has the right to dictate how the quest goes, with events or by controlling the RP times. The creator also has the right to let the RP control the quest. Those RPing in the Quest must follow the rules the creator has created as well as basic roleplay rules.

Quest Activity

Quests must be inactive for a certain amount of time before they are considered canceled.

Active Quests

This is a list of all ongoing quests. 

Name Quest Abbreviation Date Started # of Questers Date Finished
The Moonlight Revolution TMR 17/6/19 25 TBA

Past Quests

Name Quest Abbreviation Date Started # of Questers Date Finished
The Lost Instructor TLI 9/3/16 7 Discontinued
The Modern Janissaries TMJ 6/9/16 10 20/6/17

The Death of a Duchess

TDD 2/12/16 4 Discontinued
The Grand Conspiracy TGC 11/5/16 N/A Discontinued