This character is a member of the Edan family, the current ruling family of the Fire Kingdom.

Seojun Edan

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Yeah. He's smiling. But don't let that fool you. Look into his eyes. He's breaking inside.

Basic Information


Full Name Seojun Night June London Kim-Edan
Nickname June, Junnie, Jun-Jun, Soo, Night, London, Lonnie
Birthday February 14th
Age 19
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Korean
Home Montreal, Canada
Status Complicated (has feelings for Akane Igarashi but isn't acting on them)
Sexuality Pansexual
Location The Elemental Academy
Gender Male
Titles The Unknown Edan, Depressing Night, Sixth June, Low Burning Flame, An Edan Secret
Element Fire
Depression is not a sign of weakness. It means you have been strong for too long.
Personality and History

Seojun is a force to be reckoned with. Insane, broken, and depressed, there is no room for good in his heart. His morals are twisted and wicked, and he stops at nothing to get whatever he wants. He is a cold-blooded killer who feels no guilt. He doesn't believe in love, or kindness, or pure intentions. The only thing he knows is blood lust, ambition, and revenge. He beliefs are founded on the fact that he was never exposed to anything good.

As numb as he is on the inside, he allows himself to feel nothing. Constantly reminded by everything his father has ever done to him and inflicts the pain he felt on others who appear too happy for his taste. His PTSD actively intrudes on his decisions destroys any possibility of doing something goodhearted out of his own will.

Raised with an intelligence superior to most, he uses this to his advantage at all times whenever he can. His words always have ill intent behind them, and he strides to be manipulative. He lives for the suffering of all who have ever ignored what was right in front of their eyes. He will expose all Seth's secrets and lies if it's the last thing he does.

There is a good side to Seojun though if you find a way to uncover it under ten layers of steel and another ten layers of titanium. He is extremely loyal to whoever finds a way to befriend him and gain his full trust and will do anything for them regardless. If you find a way to get past the armor and thick layer of ice, you'll find he's a sweet lovable boy who's capable of good.

Seojun is actually quite charismatic once you get close enough to him. He shows this side of him that he rarely gives to anyone else, a side of pure curiosity and innocence that could resemble one of a child. He has this fascination with things around him that in first impressions may seem sinister but are quite the opposite. He is also very humorous and loves making funny faces and of the sorts to make others laugh. He enjoys all Korean music, Canadian music, Japanese music (especially anime openings) and American music and as a talented singer (according to the house servants) will sing them at the top of his lungs in front of those he trusts and loves for entertainment.

He enjoys to an extent, writing, and will read anything—from picture books to textbooks. He also a little bit of a prankster and enjoys a little bit of lighthearted playing. He is the most social otaku that exists and loves anime and manga with a burning passion as well as American comics such as Marvel's Avengers or DC Comics' Justice League and manhwa (Korean comics). He loves video games and could game for hours, as well as create small little flash games for fun. He doesn't necessarily enjoy hacking in itself, but he enjoys using hacking to play or tease others. He can play the piano, violin, clarinet, guitar, any type of drum(s), flute, and the trumpet and enjoys music in general as well as creating music.


It was no secret Seth had a string of affairs in his time, at least not to his children. It was obvious Seth didn't know how to control his urges most of the time, and half of the time he was drunk and hungover anyway, so did it matter? His abusive nature was unexpected to any woman who had been lured by his attractiveness into his trap, yet he was able to keep all of them coming back for more, even when he flung them to the side.

There was one woman who happened to keep Seth interested for more than a one night stand. She came from a family of heartbreakers and generations of beautiful seductresses who knew how to twist any person's heart to do their will. She had a glamorous smile, a curvaceous body, and manipulative words. It took her no effort to get clueless Seth Edan in her contact book.

So the affair began, along with many others. Seth thought he had scored another woman to fall into his harem while the woman had him wrapped around her finger. She used him for his money and connections, the valuable connections she knew about because she happened to be an elemental too. It was soon time for her to leave, so she gave Seth a farewell gift. A baby boy.

Seth already knew Yuna was pregnant long before they broke up, but he was convinced she'd take care of the child, not dump him on his doorstep. The most unfair thing about the situation was that she didn't even bring the child in person so he could argue that she keep the boy. He didn't even know how she got the child inside his penthouse because when he awoke, he found a crib sitting in the middle of his television room.

Inside the crib, he found a tiny infant with his brown eyes and a birth certificate laying beside it. When Seth came into the child's view, the boy giggled and kicked his legs. Seth ignored him and picked up the birth certificate.



FATHER Seth Edan

BIRTHDATE 1999/2/14

BIRTHPLACE Montreal, Canada


Seth grit his teeth as he read over the information dozens of times. "That little..." he hissed, tossing the certificate to the side in irritation. He sighed, "No matter if her son turns out to be as handsome as his mother was beautiful this may not be the worst of things."

So with that done, Seth now needed to hide the child from his wife who had been wanting a child for ages but would never accept a child that didn't comb from her own womb. He picked up the certificate again and read it over a few more times. It would be impossible to manage the boy's upbringing if he was on Elementrium and the kid was on Earth, so he had to so the risky option of bringing the child to Elementrium.

First things first, he needed to have a fake certificate made. If things went wrong and Seojun's existence and relation to Seth were discovered, it would be game over. He would keep the real certificate locked away in a safe deep in the dungeons of the Edan castle while he kept the fake certificate on him. Second, the kid needed an alias. He wasn't going to have a son with a name he couldn't pronounce, a name that could be used to trace back to his mother. The boy's new name would be June London Edan.

Third, he needed somewhere to keep June. Somewhere nearby and didn't take long to get too, but far enough that it would be difficult to find unless they knew the exact location. Seth knew he had inherited some fancy mansion out in the countryside of the Fire Kingdom that most didn't know about. Perfect.

So Seth put his plan into action, had the fake certificate made, moved June to Elementrium, and made up a cover story for his random "vacation" to Earth. He hired maids, servants, and a tutor to live in the mansion alongside June and take care of the boy and watch over him when Seth was not there to do it himself. Despite not physically being there, he still had great influence over June's life. Seth instructed his tutor on what to teach him and how to teach him things, had his surroundings manipulated and his connection to the outside world completely cut off.

He had the child raised in isolation for his own personal benefit. Seth told the tutor to teach the child basic life skills, mathematics, literature, geography, etc. Told the tutor to teach him how to use powers, how to destroy, to create, to kill. Made the tutor teach him what Seth only saw good in his eyes. Teach June that he is not to have an opinion and that his only purpose is to be Seth's puppet.

Seth immediately saw the benefits of June's looks, for like he had wanted, the boy was as handsome as his mother was beautiful. The boy had his mother's face and hair, but he had his eyes, and that's what reminded Seth that this boy was his child. The boy had his capabilities, his powers, his blood. No matter what this boy would always be connected to him. And soon Seth learned not to care. The boy was only a puppet anyway.

June grew to be an obedient and well-mannered son but only respected his father out of fear. He did not love the man that beat him and abused him, twisted his views and morals. He did not care for the man that broke him from the inside and torn him apart on the outside. There were many scars to show for Seth's cruelty and cold heart. June was not bred out of love but out of lust, and his father made sure to remind him of that all the time.

As time went past, June became delirious and paranoid. He whispered to himself when he was alone and fought his own thoughts to sleep. He became depressed, eating less, talking less, doing less. It came to a point where the servants had to force feed him if they didn't want to be fired because the boy died. He sat in his room, staring at the wall, drowning in his nightmares, sinking in his murderous thoughts. He said it out loud once, I want to die were the words.

The household employees tried to keep him away from anything dangerous incase June tried anything. They once found him choking himself, and from then forth put guards in his room so he didn't harm himself. He felt broken, no, he was broken. There were no smiles, no laughs. Just the haunting silence that slowly consumed his sanity. Slowly I want to die turned to He needs to die as his sorrow turned to fury.

He imagined killing his father so many times in his head he smiled but not out of happiness. He smiled because he had a lust for spilled blood. He felt like it was time to turn the tables on the one who had once controlled him. He used an open opportunity to send his father to Italy on a wild goose chase for another possibility of a good one night stand. That was when it first came to his attention that he had other siblings. He discovered Grace's existence when the girl came to visit him.

That same night, June broke into the Edan castle to steal back what was rightfully his. His birth certificate. It was the third morning after that when the news got to him in a newspaper he had ordered to be delivered to the mansion. Reading the headline made him laugh. Freedom, he thought. Finally... Freedom.

June reclaimed his old name back but decided to keep June and London as middle names. He bought an apartment in the town just outside the Academy and registered. While traveling to the Academy he was confronted by Victoria who requested for him to be a spy for her army. Seojun's heart was full of lead, and he could care less about the Edan bloodline. His thirst for revenge wasn't satisfied, so he agreed.

His first goal: find Grace Edan. He and his sister had some catching up to do.



Family Relationships

Mother: He has never met her but is willing to hunt her down to do so. He's caught between murdering her for abandoning him with such a cruel man, and asking for her to take him in.

Father: He hates him so much it practically hurts. The only regret he has is not murdering the man himself.

Grace: After finally meeting his half-sister, he has vowed to protect her from whatever threat might oppose her. However, he is continually aware of Grace's distrust of him and is a bit wary of her too. Since Grace is beginning to loosen up and warm up to him, he is trying his best to do the same as well.

Nate: For the most part he's enjoyed his cousin's company (he can't say the same for his cousin) and hopes to start a friendship with the younger. However, he disagrees with the way Nate deals with his problems, rather than facing them head on, he distracts himself with other things. He especially can't stand the fact that the younger smokes weed.

Rosamund: Although he doesn't really hint at it, Seojun does not enjoy Rosamund's presence. He is well with the art of faking and purposely acts cheerful around her to dissolve suspicion. He is well aware of her gambling activity and is half-tempted to reveal it, along with her relation to the Edans but is holding back to find a way to use it as blackmail for his own personal reasons.

Friend Relationships

Seojun has no friends and has never had the chance to make some because he has been isolated from the outside world for all of his life.

Love Relationships

Akane: Originally, Seojun hadn't really thought of Akane as anything more than the occasional knight and just enjoyed teasing her because she honestly believed she could get him exectued for killing her boss. Now he finds himself largely romantically attached to Akane but isn't currently acting on his feelings.


Edan Household Maids and Servants: There's a mutual understanding between these two, seeing as they both hate Seth with a burning passion.

Tutor: He doesn't exactly know how to feel about this guy beside curiosity. He can remember clearly that his tutor acted like he practically worshiped his father but hated him all the same.

Kang Seung: Seojun will admit he finds the younger quite endearing and admires his coding skills, but he hasn't necessarily taken a further interest in him besides the fact that Seung's acquainted with Grace. He admires the other's confidence when confronting him and wishes he could find others like that who weren't complete jerks or show their uneasiness towards him. He also finds Seung cute in a nerdy otaku type of way and wouldn't mind occasionally hanging out with him.

First Kiss A random maid, just to see what it was like
First Love No one
First Ex No one
Most Recent Ex No one
Relationship Status Complicated (has feelings for Akane Igarashi but isn't acting on them)
Dating(?) No one
Sexuality Pansexual

Powers & Appearance
  • Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.
  • Biokinesis - harness energy from fire to heal minor wounds.
  • Plasmakinesis - can control plasma.
Model Min Yoongi (Suga; BTS)
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown; Used to usually wears blue contacts, but now he doesn't bc he has glasses
Hair Color Originally Brown; Dies it different colors
Height 6'0
Weight 134 Lbs
Voice Quiet; Deep
Body Style Slim
Mental/Emotional State Semi-Stable/Questionable
Mental/Emotional Disorders PTSD
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Korean
Mother Yuna Kim
Father Seth Edan
Brother(s) No one
Sister(s) Grace Bridgewater-Edan, Helena Vliet (Half sisters)
Cousin(s) Anneline Edan, Branton Edan, Victoria Edan, Nathaniel Edan, Lucinda Edan, Rosamund Møller
Aunt(s) Claudia Edan, Adena Larson-Edan (Queen of the Fire Kingdom)
Uncle(s) Pieter Edan, Olivier Edan (King of the Fire Kingdom)
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None

Word Bubble

❝Yeah. He's smiling. But don't let that fool you. Look into his eyes. He's breaking inside.❞


Character's Bio
Age 18
Height 6'0
Weight 134 Lbs
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Pan-sexual
Birthplace Montreal, Canada
Main Weapon Powers
Accent Neutral
SEThemeSeojun EdanSETheme
An Edan Secret
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