The Oven

The Oven is the nickname for the Fire Classroom. Here, students of the Fire Element learn how to control and advance their abilities. There are several different courses for the Fire students to partake in.

Welcome to The Oven, where Fire Users come to learn and perfect their element
Fire Classroom

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Beginner (1st Year)

Intermediate (2nd Year)

Advanced (3rd Year)

Apprentice (4th Year)

Master (5th Year)

Levels of Power Control are the levels characters are ranked by with the control of their powers. They take special classes for their control level (which is usually determined by year) depending on what element they are. These are one of the courses Fire students take part in. It is mandatory that all students take part in this.

The Teacher

Caolan 2

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire


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