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The Lunar Classroom


The Lunar class room has a very simple set up. There are six rows of normal school desk that take up a majority of the room and windows located to the right of them. Mr.Maverick's desk is located in the far right corner and to the left of it there is a white board on the wall.

Location of Room


Lunar Elementals
Lunar Students:

  • Diana HollandeGo to Diana Hollande
  • Nikolai FyodorovGo to Nikolai Fyodorov
  • Erraline DangeGo to Erraline Dange
  • Derren DangeGo to Derren Dange
  • Emily ComlumbiaGo to Emily Columbia
  • Helena VlietGo to Helena Vliet
  • Shadowman.jpg Jackson HillsidesGo to Jackson Hillsides
  • Kyle Jopan 3.jpg Kyle JopanGo to Kyle Jopan
  • LunaN.png Luna AvondGo to Luna Avond
  • Melany StarlingGo to Melany Starling
  • Vero senkaGo to Vero Senka
  • Alexander DunkelheitGo to Alexander Dunkelheit
  • Pandora ThornesGo to Pandora Thornes
  • Ara SungGo to Ara Sung
  • Haru SungGo to Haru Sung
  • Layla MonteithGo to Layla Monteith

Cabin Mates
~Today's Agenda~

  • Take Attendance
  • Collect any homework that was assigned the day before
  • Today students will practice using their Lunar powers. Partners are ok and the class should meet out at the fireball field. We wouldn't want to blow up the classroom would we?