This character is a member of the Edan family, the current ruling family of the Fire Kingdom.

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PhoenixVictoria Edan Phoenix
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Basic Information
Full Name Victoria Amberly Edan
Nickname Vic (by most people), Vicky, Tori
Birthday May 12th
Age 19
Nationality Swedish-American
Home Divided between New York and the Fire Kingdom
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location Elementrium Prison
Gender Female

School Info
Dorm She doesn't need one as she lives in her own mansion in the same area (which her parents paid for).
Year Final year
Titles Princess of the Fire Kingdom, Member of the previous Trinity
Any Special Clubs/Teams/Etc. None yet
Element Fire

Victoria 1
"If life is what you make it, then I'm doing a great job so far."

Victoria is currently imprisoned. She is awaiting her personal punishment.

Victoria is a former "mean girl", but not a stereotypical one. She was more cunning and intelligent (and still is) than her fellow "Trinity" members. She is also charismatic and manipulative, being able to both create and get herself out of scandals, as well as play mind games on people. She is passionate about art (the reason why she was enrolled into an art school in the first place), as well as, unsurprisingly, fashion and jewellery.

However, her dark side may be making a serious reappearance.

Victoria was born to the King and Queen of the Fire Kingdom, Olivier Edan and Adena Larsen-Edan (respectively). Victoria is the only child of Olivier and Adena who was born outside of the United States, as she was born in Sweden.

Victoria was born during a turbulent period in the King and Queen's marriage. The tension between the royal couple increased, so Adena, being heavily pregnant and not wanting anything bad to happen due to the stress that their arguments brought, spent a couple of weeks in Stockholm. Apparently, the cause of the arguments in the first place was mainly due to finance. However, as the King and Queen tried to keep their personal matters private, it may not be the actual cause.

The infant princess was not taken to the US for a while -- it was actually when Adena was ready to reconcile with Olivier that Victoria was taken to America, a couple of months later.

Victoria would grow up to be a very...odd child. That was in the opinion of those who knew her but did not realise that she had psychopathic tendencies.

To begin with, she liked to bully the peers who she saw as weak. As of the children who knew how to stand up for themselves, she attempted to manipulate them into having a good opinion of her. Most of the time, she was successful.

In the classroom, she would make teachers feel uncomfortable by answering all of their questions -- with near-accurate answers. Other students either did not get a chance to respond due to Victoria or they did not bother. How this made the teachers feel uncomfortable was the fact that Victoria was only young.

Finally, she had an incredible imagination. She claimed to have two imaginary friends when she was younger, one in the form of a dragon and one in the form of a phoenix.

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Victoria Edan ~ Princess of Fire
Victoria 1
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More Info:

-Princess of Scandal

 Age: 19  Height: 5'4  Weight: 113 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden  Main Weapon: Her powers, her manipulation, poison
 Accent: American
 – "If life is what you make it, then I'm doing a great job so far."

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Victoria Edan

  • Pyrokinesis - create, control, and manipulate fire.
  • Thermokinesis - create, control, and manipulate heat.
  • Inflammation - ignite objects/spontaneous combustion.
  • Pyrotransportation - explode self and reform.
  • Biokinesis - harness energy from fire to heal minor wounds.
  • Plasmakinesis - can control plasma.
  • Golem Creation - make golems out of flames. Often in the form of hell hounds.
  • Fire Breath - breathe out flames.
  • Magma Manipulation - manipulate molten substances such as lava.
Skills & Weapons

Basic Skills Information
Agility Skills Balance
Speed Normal
Strength Level Average
Main Strengths Photographic (eidetic) memory, manipulation skills, poison knowledge
Main Weaknesses Hand to hand combat

Basic Power Info
Element Fire
Number of Abilities 8
Level of Control Master

Victoria 2
Possession & Favorite Things

Special Possesions

V pendant (her favourite necklace), watch, black coat, Prada bag, black high heels, pink dress, phone, flower ring, crown ring (given to her as a gift)

General Likes

Jewellery, fashion, art, photography (to an extent), gossiping about others, scandals, drinking, partying, her extravagant lifestyle, the phoenix (hardly anyone knows this, though)

General Dislikes

Anyone singing to her a song featuring her name

Favorite Things
Color Pink and gold
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Food Chocolate fondue
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Book Lord of the Flies
Quote Either "Fire cannot kill a dragon" or "You're in the great game now."
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Movie Marie Antoinette
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Brief Description

The blonde hair of the Edans, blue eyes, slender

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Main Appearance Information
Model Dakota Fanning
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4
Weight 113lbs
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Body Style {{{body}}}
Mental/Emotional State {{{m/e state}}}
Mental/Emotional Disorders Psychopathy/Insanity, Megalomaniac, Histrionic Personality Disorder
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Family & Childhood Info

Family Members
Mother Adena Larsen-Edan (Queen of the Fire Kingdom)
Father Olivier Edan (King of the Fire Kingdom)
Brother(s) Liam Edan (heir apparent), Layton Edan, Nathaniel Edan
Sister(s) Rosa Edan, Alice Edan, Elise Edan
Cousin(s) Grace Bridgewater-Edan, Branton Edan, Anneline Edan
Aunt(s) {{{aunt}}}
Uncle(s) Seth Edan, Pieter Edan
Niece(s) {{{niece}}}
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Main Childhood Info
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Home New York, Fire Kingdom
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General Info

Character Arc Information
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Extra Character Information
Native Language English, fluent French, Spanish, a little bit of Swedish
Hobbies Shopping, partying, gossiping, drinking, painting (occasionally)

Victoria 3
Relationship Info

Relationship Information
Ever Cheated? Never
Perceived by Strangers Has a good sense of fashion
Perceived By Lover Amazing
Perceived By Friends Capable of being a mastermind
Perceived By Family Unpredictable
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Family/Friends Like Most {{{like most}}}
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Family Relationships

Anneline - Anneline looks up to Victoria and views her as her role model and inspiration. Victoria doesn't think much of this, besides finding it endearing.

Branton - Victoria enjoys her fair share of teasing and annoying Branton, due to how hot-headed he is.

Grace - Victoria remembers seeing Grace as a baby. Grace does know about Victoria, but hasn't spoken to her properly.

Friend Relationships

Caolan Briquet - Victoria is Caolan's favourite student (in all his time of being a teacher) and Caolan is Victoria's favourite teacher. People were quick to assume that Victoria was up to no good by befriending Caolan (so she could get away with things easier), but it actually turned out to be a genuine friendship as the two bonded over photography.

Love Relationships

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Alton Fawkes - Enemy

Scarlett Meyer - Enemy, potentially the biggest threat to Victoria as Scarlett knows Victoria's darkest secret.

Newton Ayer - She knows that Newton likes her and is currently using this to her advantage.

Erraline Dange - Acquaintances/not on good terms

The Trinity - Victoria used to be a member of the Trinity. However, she wasn't exactly friends with them. The Trinity members suddenly went missing (read Victoria's backstory to find out what happened to them).

She finds most people pathetic.

Victoria 4



  • She has French, American, English, German, Irish, Finnish and Swedish ancestry.
  • Her original birthplace was New York, but for potential storyline purposes, it was changed to Stockholm.

  • Victoria has an IQ of 130.
  • She is a serial killer that has not been caught (to be put into her history).
  • She can drive. She owns a white Lamborghini Veneno, which is located in the garage of her residence.
  • Victoria's star sign is Taurus.
  • She dislikes Bi-Elementals and Tri-Elementals (but Newton is an exception, she likes him).
  • Although Victoria has a photographic memory, she can still forget what she observes.
  • Victoria's blood group is A-.
  • Victoria likes to be deceitful by acting dumb, to disguise her intelligence and cunningness.
  • She was originally going to be involved in a love triangle storyline, but this was later scrapped.

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